Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Ok, I seemed to like this way of surfing the web a bit more. immediately upon registering and poking around, I discovered this. It's simply a site with explanatory notes on higher mathematics. The notes are simple enough for me to understand, yet still informative. I also discovered this. It seems to be a website that hosts free downloadable books online. Seems ordinary, huh? However, there are massive amount of mathematics and physics related books on the website. I have never seen that sort of thing. Usually one has to pay for that sort of thing, and usually it is rather pricy.

Overall, I could easily see myself using this as a way to keep track of websites. I tend to be a temperamental in my reading. I usually find a dozen sites on one subject, try to read it all, lose interest, and then get a different fixation. With this website, I could keep track of what I have discovered so that, when I do eventually get that particular craze back, I can get back to where i left off.

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