Thursday, February 12, 2009



Ok, I'm taking the term "anything-related" a little loosely, but I love For those first visiting said website, one should start here. Its lead character is, ironically, not Homestarrunner, but Strong Bad. He is much like me in that he is a lying prankster who thinks that he is better than everyone else. Coupled with his trusty companion, the Cheat, they form a team that reaks havoc and hilarity across their small world. One usually sees their adventures and capers played out in the Strong Bad Emails. The following are some of my favorites: Dragon, Little Animal, Stunt Double, Caffeine, Dangeresque 3, Your Funeral, and More Armies.

In addition to Strong Bad and Homestarrunner, this site hosts a number of other characters who take part in a wide variety of toons, ranging from mysteries, to folk tales, to Halloween specials. Overall, the site presents a wide variety of comedy with seemingly endless cartoons. Enjoy.


  1. Oh my. That was the first time I watched HomestarRunner. "Trogdor!!!!!" I was laughing pretty hard here at my desk. Thanks, Sebastian!

  2. oh man, I too lovez teh homestarrunner. there's a video i've watched long ago where the cheat's checking an email & is singing & i still sing that song to this day.